Multi-field, multicultural and polyglot, Thomas Klug is impassioned by the light which guides its interventions to reveal contrasts, textures and colors.

This plastics technician light was formed during 3 years near the German designer Ingo Maurer before to be graduate École Nationale Supérieure of Industrial Creation of Paris, in 1989. He works then with Yann Kersalé, of 1993 to 1996, on projects of setting in light of which that of the Bridge of Normandy, inauguration of the Fields-Élysées and scenography of the exposure "Forwardings Lights" has Foundation EDF.

After having carried out the concept light of White the Sephora store of Bercy village in 2000, Thomas Klug takes part in the Festival Lyon Lumière and carries out "the dream of the flower" in 2001 on the fountain of the place of the Jacobins. Then he created the armchairs of the National Theatre of Valencians for Poltrona Frau 1998, a multi-media screen on a polarizing surface in the hall of greeting of the treatment plant of water of Achères for Vivendi in 2000 and invents a inflatable support for the video image the "Trap with images".

To advise light with the museum of the Louvre near the service structures and museography, it made the exposures, "Primatice" and "the sacring of Napoleon" for the bicentenary of the table of Delacroix.

Thomas Klug is also the designer of the course report "insurgent Paris Paris released" carried out for the commemorations of the 60e birthday of the Release of Paris and which is declined on sixty "Columns of the Release" distributed through the various districts of the capital.

In July 2004 it imagines for the inauguration of the esplanade of the Rights of Homma to Trocadéro, a setting in scene in homage to the journalists missing or died during their mission: 40 monumental images installed on the frontages of the Museum of the Man and the Palate of Chaillot.

"To take possession of a space, to carve an object, to project universes, to create images are as many attitudes with the light, of stories to be invented, emotions to be shared", explains it.



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